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A Note from Principal

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“Education is every one’s right, without it any human being is incomplete.”

Excelling in academics alone is not sufficient for a student in their school life. Education is for the overall development of a growing child. We at Quality Education School (QES), aim at bringing out the best citizens of any country. We train them, teach human values and show how to implement these values in their life. Life skills training is a part of our curriculum in the primary stage.

QES boasts upon a holistic education system in our campus and this has a significant impact upon the overall personality of any student. Our students know the meaning of the famous slogan, ‘A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms...’ Thus each one decides... ‘Today onwards let us keep doing our best without competing with others...’

Yes, QES brings out the best in each student as per his/her ability and field of interest. Each faculty member and student at QES know that inspiration to excel in any field comes from within first and then from external sources. QES creates an ambience in her campus to develop both.

A student who steps in QES learns to set aside their anxieties, stressors and all forms of fear and be present in the class with a focused mind. Thus, the student relaxes and learns to excel in every field of study.


By Principal