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Zamil Campus




Nurturing Brilliance, Building Values

It is our vision to offer quality education; that which shall steadily contribute to the cognitive, social, mental, physical as well as emotional growth of the child. The school must assist students in building a robust foundation in order for them to securely navigate through opportunities and challenges presented to them in the future. The learning must be student orientated at every level of education. Each member of the teaching faculty must shoulder the responsibility of keeping the learning process active and the curiosity of the students alive.


  • Maintain quality and deliver high quality product and service
  • Establish clear objectives and goals
  • Improve teaching reliability and efficiency
  • Facilitate a more open style management and team building
  • Improve employee communications
  • Eliminate Waste
  • Lay greater emphasis on prevention
  • Create an organisational culture with high quality
  • Establish and implement procedures in every field: education, appointment, grievances, purchase, safety and security, maintenance, finance, staff and students welfare, etc.