Founded In 2003, The Quality Education School Bahrain (QES) has been the school of choice for over 2500+ Bahraini Families seeking an excellent and challenging International Education for their children. 

Our school grows every year by providing a high standard of affordable international education with a clear, articulated shared vision that encourages all our students to achieve educational excellence and instill a lifelong passion of learning .

At QES we follow the British International Curriculum accredited to International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE): simultaneously incorporating Bahrain National Curriculum for Arabic Language, Citizenship, Bahrain History and Geography as well as Islamic Studies.

The British International Curriculum is designed to foster, Development of Effective Communication, Interaction, Cognitive Skills as well as Emotional and Physical wellbeing of our students. We strive to bring the best out of our students, ensuring that they maximise their potential and are prepared as fully as possible for the next stage of their lives.

We want our students at QES to embrace challenges and to have the confidence to strive to be the best that they can whilst showing compassion and care for others. We celebrate achievement and strive to give each child a thirst for life long learning which will equip them with the tools to excel in our ever moving world.


QES prides itself on a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, and enjoys close links with both parents and the community. We are committed to empower learners to take control of learning. Establish a strong value base and enable their overall development through a multitude of extracurricular activities to shape them into dynamic and independent contributors to the society.

  • Imparting holistic education to the students
  • Creating a safe and secure space for our students
  • Promoting a sense of internationalism to shape students into global citizens
  • To encourage students to develop their thinking skills
  • To foster creativity and self reliance
  • To develop and enhance the core values of life
  • To shape students to show the greater responsibilities
  • To develop a healthy attitude of love and respect  Towards all 

We look forward to meeting you and to welcome you to our school.