Founded in 2003, Quality Education School, Bahrain (QES) opened its doors with a vision to provide quality education to every eager learner across the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Over the years, QES has earned an enviable reputation for high academic excellence and a strong sense of communal harmony. We take immense pride in the high standards set in our school, our teachers and the myriad opportunities made available for the young learners in our care.

Quality Education School, Bahrain has been the realisation of a dream project for our chairman Mr. Baboo Kewalram and his late brother Mr. Sunderdas Kewalram. We reiterate upon our Chairman words, “It’s our earnest desire to give the best to our students”. 

QES is not just about learning something; it’s about Achievement, Growth and Development in all aspects – Personal or Professional. We believe that education is a journey of discovery and self-improvement for our students.

At QES, we are driven by our motto. ‘Nurturing Brilliance, Building Values’ and are committed to develop a generation of leaders, by creating self-confident, responsible and informed individuals with a lifelong passion for learning.

We recognise that every child is unique. To keep the individuality of our students intact, we create a welcoming and safe learning environment that focuses on nurturing our students’ emotional wellbeing and enhance innovative thinking. Our students achieve beyond curriculum; both national and international academic standards while also making significant contributions to the community with their ideas and dedicated efforts. 

Our school leaders, teaching faculty and the parent community, work hand in hand with one vision – to explore, enable and enhance our students to develop the requisite knowledge, understanding and skills needed to make a mark in their chosen path.

Quality Education School, Bahrain follows the British International Curriculum accredited to Cambridge Assessment International Education and Pearsons Edexcel. The QES Bahrain and our school maintains high educational standards from Infant School to As/A Levels with the approval of Ministry of Education of Bahrain. 

Education at QES focuses on the holistic development journey of a child where we incorporate various extra-curricular activities like public speaking, workshops, science club, book exhibitions, and sports clubs. Quality Education School, Bahrain upholds the vision of a futuristic nation built on values. The multifarious skills of a student (linguistic, psychomotor, interpersonal, intrapersonal, logical, cognitive etc.) are fostered at the school by well-trained and experienced hands.

The right quality inculcated in young, inquisitive and growing minds will benefit not only the future of the children involved but all those who come in contact with them. 

Our success is reflected in our graduates who have attended world-renowned universities around the globe including universities in the UK and Ivy League universities in the USA, our students are ambitious and have been truly inspired to follow their dreams.

The Quality Education School Bahrain is committed to providing the highest standards of Academic Excellence through an affordable British international education were by every student is given an opportunity to explore his or her interests and talents.

Our students are always prepared to become better analytical and critical thinkers who are well rounded, self-reliant, innovative, productive life-long learners equipped to compete in an ever changing world and add value to a global society.