Welcome to the QES Parent Portal  – Your Gateway to Your Child’s Educational Journey! 

We are excited to introduce you to our cutting-edge Parent Portal App, a powerful tool designed to enhance your connection with your child’s school and make your engagement in their education more convenient and effective than ever before.

In today’s fast-paced world, we understand that parents and guardians have busy schedules, making it challenging to stay fully informed and involved in your child’s academic progress and school activities. That’s where the Parent Portal School App comes in – a user-friendly, one-stop solution for all your school-related needs.

The Parent Portal App is available on Web Browser / iOS (iPhone | iPad) or Android mobile devices using the links below

Key Features of our Parent Portal School App:

📌 Real-time Access : to Student Information: Instantly view your child’s grades, attendance records, and academic progress at your fingertips. Stay up-to-date with their educational journey.

🗓️  Event and Calendar Integration: Never miss an important school event, parent-teacher conference, or exam date. Our app syncs with the school calendar, ensuring you’re always in the know.

📝  Communication Hub: Connect with teachers, school administrators, and fellow parents through direct messaging and announcements. Collaborate to support your child’s success.

📋 Assignment and Homework Tracking: Keep track of your child’s assignments and homework assignments. No more surprises when it comes to upcoming deadlines.

📊 Progress Reports: Receive regular progress reports and updates, so you can celebrate your child’s achievements and address any concerns promptly.

🔔 Push Notifications: Stay informed about urgent school updates, weather-related closures, or important announcements right on your mobile device.

📸  Photo Galleries: Explore the visual side of your child’s school experience with photo galleries from school events, performances, and field trips.

🔒 Secure and Private: Rest assured that your child’s data is protected. Our app prioritizes security and privacy.

📲 Easy Installation: Click the link below to install the Parent Portal School App on your device and get started on this exciting journey of active involvement in your child’s education.

We believe that a strong partnership between parents, teachers, and students is the key to academic success. With the Parent Portal School App, you have the power to engage actively in your child’s learning journey, ensuring they receive the support they need to excel in school.

Join us in embracing the future of education and creating a brighter, more informed, and connected community. Install the app today and start making a difference in your child’s educational experience!

Thank you for choosing the Parent Portal School App. Together, we’ll empower your child to achieve their full potential! 🌟